As the Leading Sri Lankan authentic Ayurveda establishment in Sri Lanka, we are concerned about your health and wellbeing.

In any pandemic or crisis, Siddhalepa uses its traditional Ayurveda medical knowledge in encountering the situation to mitigate the problem.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort is registered as a `Level-1 Resort` under the `Safe and Secure` protocols implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Sri Lanka. A comprehensive audit was conducted by KPMG, an international audit firm to check the concurrence of health and safety guidelines established by medical professions. When a visitor plans to visit Sri Lanka, he/she should stay at a Level-1 hotel for the first 14 days and will be required to undergo 3 PCR tests, during their stay.

Siddhalepa Care

The Tourist “Bio-bubble” concept is followed strictly at the Resort for the benefit of all travellers to guarantee a safe environment.

For the first time in any hotel in Sri Lanka, Siddhalepa Resort has initiated a herbal steam disinfecting process at the check-in as well as throughout your stay.

No guests are allowed to go out from the Resort during the first 14 days unless it is to visit 17 “Bio-bubble” designated tourist sites.

Our staff is following strict health guidelines and are well prepared in the “Bio-bubble” and are not allowed to go home during their 14-day services to offer the guests the highest level of service.

The resort has taken all precautions and is following the highest health and safety standards while practising self-distancing and disinfecting.

The resort will undertake bookings only up to 75% of the room capacity of the resort as the other 25% of the rooms are kept aside for any unforeseen emergencies.

A separate plan has been established to dispose of used masks, PPE kits and the related garbage.

Special care is taken on boosting immunity and energy in addition to your personalised Ayurveda programme of the visitor.

For the convenience of visitors, the resort allows free cancellation due to reason of positive results of the PCR test.


Backed by a 200 year old heritage in Ayurveda practice, the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort and Spa offers a wide range of authentic treatment packages for most illnesses or health conditions. Spread over seven acres of tropical & indigenous trees, herbal medicinal plants, vines and bushes, as well as overlooking the Indian Ocean, our Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka offers a holistic experience; this is provided under the expert care of resident physicians, visiting consultants and hospital trained therapists. The resort’s Ayurveda centre is the only one in the country affiliated with a Siddhalepa Ayurveda hospital with access to a range of medicines produced to ISO standards by the Group in its factories.

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<span>Holistic</span> Activities

Holistic Activities