Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga)

Shiro Abhyanga, the nourishing application of oil on the head which is observed through the roots of the hair and eliminates hair loss & premature greying. This treatment also does wonders to both mind & soul by relieving tension, fatigue and relaxing muscles & nerve fibres.

Facial Massage ( Muku Abyanga )

This ayurvedic facial massage comes in three phases, namely; face massage, scrub, face pack and following it up with a herbal steam. It nourishes facial skin by eliminating its subtle tensions underneath it & reaching out to reflex points of the brain for better function.

Neck & Shoulder Massage (Griva / Skandha Abhyanga)

The neck & shoulder areas are quite prone to stiffness & tension and these symptoms can be relieved with an ayurvedic massage that employs herbal oils which release herbal spasms, rheumatic pain & other stress related issues.

Arm Massage (Bahu Abhyanga)

The tension in arms can be caused by multiple reasons, namely; headaches, neck pains & shoulder pain. An ayurvedic massage will help nurture back the shoulders & arms while it helps relieve pain and relax the muscles in the area.

Hand Massage (Hastha Abhyanga)

Ayurvedic hand massages are helpful in ridding extra toxins by stimulating acupuncture points & energy meridians that spread across the hands. These massages help smoothen the function of various organs & systems in the body too.

Leg Massage (Nalakini Abhyanga)

A type of massage which stimulates proper circulation and brings necessary nutrients to the legs thereby preventing varicose veins. Massages on large muscles help eliminate fatigue while gentle strokes on lymph nodes help reduce swelling.

Foot Massage (Pada Abhyanga- From the foot up to Knee)

Tender spots are in special focus in this type of massage which produces both a reflective, soothing & invigorating effect on internal organs. Foot massages also prevent acute pain, numbness, fatigue while ensuring overall wellness of organs.

Powder Massage (Udvartana)

The powder massage is a method of using upward strokes in order to cleanse the skin and increase circulation in the body while breaking down fat storage. It’s also known for its contribution to weight loss and its ability to clear clogged impurities.

Body Massage (Abhyanga - Neck to toe)

The full body massages are a more effective way of eliminating issues like obesity, body aches & pains while providing for general rejuvenation. Ayurvedic oils used in these massages invoke a sense of wellbeing as muscles are allowed to relax in the process.

Back Massage (Paschima Abhyanga)

This massage is conducted using ‘pain reducing herbal oils’ along the back & spine. A great source of stress relief, the Paschima Abhyanga reduces pain and helps in relaxing muscles thus enhancing the performance of the entire nervous system.


This is a very unique way of rejuvenation which involves the continuous dripping of oil onto the body from a piece of cloth. The Piccichil needs to be carried out under medical supervision and is a great source of rejuvenation and treatment to rheumatic conditions.

Herbal Steam Bath (Vashpa Swedha)

Vashpa Swedha is a form of sudation where heat is introduced to the body through a steam bath and requires guests to remain in a steam box. The herbs enhance the effect of the steam while it leaves skin feeling supple and nourished.


This is a unique approach which uses linen bags tied up in boluses full of rice cooked in milk and herbs. The boluses are dipped in warm milk and applied all over the body after a massage. This technique is effective in strengthening body tissues & relieving pains.

Body Wrap (Sharira Ubtan)

A herbal paste which is specially prepared to revitalise body tissues, sunburn & damaged skin is applied all over.

Nasal Inhalation (Nasna)

This involves the inhalation of medical vapour which effective in clearing sinuses, excess humors in and around the throat, nose or head.

Nasal Therapy (Nasya)

Nasal therapy can be referred to the administration of nasal medicines typically used to promote relaxation and cleansing of the nasal cavities. These therapies are also helpful in clearing sinus cavities and relieving pain in the face, head & neck.


The Pichu is a treatment for ailments which affect the area above the neck. A headband is tied just above the ears and oil is applied to the crown via the headband. The headband must constantly be drenched in oil. Pichu can be followed by a herbal bath.


As a means of treating pain in the sternum, the Urovasti is administered in the chest area by letting a small receptacle rest on the area while oil is poured into this from time to time.


Kativasti is an ideal therapy for lower backache & stiffness in the area. Around the lumbo-sacral area is placed a small receptacle which is made of gram dough and herbal oils are thereafter poured into it. Guests are then required to rest for a while.

>Herbal Snana (Bath)

The usual bath is turned into a more nourishing experience with a good oil massage before the bath. Roots, barks & leaves all which consists of  unique Ayurvedic herbs are infused into the boiled water which opens the pores, flushes impurities and clears the skin.


The remedy for pain and stress in and around the head, Shiro Dhara uses a stream of running  Ayurvedic oils which are introduced to the ‘third eye’ area of the forehead. This treatment is administered for 55 minutes a day for three days.

Alepa (Medicinal Herb Plaster)

Inflammatory conditions are treated with a medicinal paste which is applied on the inflamed area. It provides for relief from bodily aches & pains.


The traditional Ayurvedic technique of introducing heated compresses or boluses filled with fresh and dried herbs. A fomentation is done after a gentle massage where the heat boluses are gently applied to the affected area. Relieves sciatica, sprains, cramps & other aches.

Vera Thavaruma (Exotic Body Glow)

A full body treatment which is best for revitalising skin tissue, rejuvenating stressed skin and stimulating growth of new skin. A gentle massage of the body is followed by a body wrap containing authentic Ayurveda ingredients.

Chavya Lankaraya (In Harmony with nature)

A gel enriched with Ayurvedic oil is applied to the body with systematic massage techniques which help in enhancing the body’s suppleness. The treatment is then followed by a herbal bath.

Vakthra Shuddhi (Natures facelift)

This is ideal for those suffering from the wrinkled, dehydrated, dull, oily or blemished skin. It starts with a scrub and then followed by a face mask. A mild face wash infused with rich ayurvedic ingredients are then used to clean the skin to complete the process.

Padha Lankaraya ( Foot Soother )

A treatment for tired & stressed feet which starts off with a foot massage and followed by a foot wrap. The foot wrap helps in relieving pain, softening & reducing the effects of cracked skin. An ayurvedic foot bath & a pebble walk which follows then helps to reduce stress.

Pamper Me – Radiant Look

An effective way of rejuvenating stressed skin & revitalising skin tissue and stimulating the growth of new skin. A gentle massage, body scrub & deep fomentation help to give the skin a radiant look.

Preenaya (Body Polish)

A combination of sea salt & Ayurveda oils are used to gently massage the skin bringing back the skins radiance. This treatment stimulates circulation and is followed by a deep fomentation which helps alleviate rheumatic pain, nourishing & enhancing skin’s complexion.

Shirochikithsa (Stress Relief)

Shirochikithsa treatment focuses on the areas of the back, neck & shoulders. Tired muscles are relieved & stress is reduced by inducing a state of relaxation through gently applying pressure around the shoulder area. Head massages too are included.

Kayalaguthwaya (Slimming)

Treatment is intended for slimming and toning of the body where a special powder ( with fat eliminating properties)  is used to massage the body and followed by a steam bath enriched with Ayurveda leaves. The treatment is concluded with a steam bath.

Ayur Full Body Wrap

Enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients, the body wrap helps in relieving aches and helps for deep relaxation nurturing you back to good health.

Full Day Ayur Spa Ritual – Ayur Rejuvenate

A six hours experience where you will be consulted by Ayurveda specialists and treated to a warm bath & massages which will provide for a full-body rejuvenation. Treatment package includes three course menu soup with ayur meal & fruit platter.

Half-Day Ayur Spa Ritual – Ayur Detox & Tone

This package is the most ideal to eliminate impurities and tone skin and stimulate deep tissues in buttocks, thighs & stomach which is followed by an Ayurvedic body mask. The process is completed by an Ayurvedic decoction which will leave you glowing and revitalised.