The diverse range of Sri Lanka Ayurveda treatment options available with us are all designed carefully to ensure that you receive the best possible results. The extensive list of massages that highlight each crucial part of your body as well as various herbal baths, body wraps and inhalation remedies are all created to nourish and heal. Experience the wonderful healing powers of authentic remedies at the hands of skilled veterans to enjoy a truly beneficial vacation.


Signature Treatments

Vera Thavaruma (Exotic Body Glow)

The Vera Thavaruma induces superior results when it comes to the condition of your skin by means of a gentle massage followed by a 100% natural body wrap and is finished up with the application of a fragrant oil that leaves you skin feeling supple.

Chavya Lankaranaya (In Harmony with Nature)

A physically and emotionally stimulating massage, a special gel polish infused herbal oil is applied to the body with a massage that features stretching and joint movements. With the herbal bath to finish this provides your body with a cleansing release from its stress.

Vakthra Shuddhi (Natures Face Lift)

This ultimate beauty treatment nourishes and restores youthfulness to any dry, oily, wrinkled or dehydrated skin and removes blemishes. A facial, scrub, face mask and an herbal face wash followed by a steam completed this natural face lift.

Padha Lankaraya (Foot Soother)

A foot massage, foot wrap and an authentic herbal footbath followed by a pebble walk is guaranteed to relax away fatigue and relieve damaged feet while manipulating pressure points in a manner that restores balance to your entire body.

Pamper Me: Radiant Look

This cleansing treatment replenishes and exfoliates by means of a body scrub, massage and deep fomentation that stimulates the growth of new and healthy skin while giving you that perfect radiant look.

Preenanaya (Body Polish)

A blend of seas salt, herbal and essential oils are massaged into your body removing any impurities as well as dead skin. A deep fomentation with an herbal compress induces radiance and nourishes the skin giving it a glow.

Shirochikithsa (Stress Relief)

Focusing on the neck, back and shoulders Shrirochikithsa removes tension by way of pressure manipulation through the thumbs. A head massage and wrap, as well as spinal massage with hot seeds, are the steps of this soothing therapy.

Kayalaguthwaya (Slimming)

The treatment is for slimming and toning with a powder bath that induces the loss of fat and a steam bath and massage promotes toning while it also cleanses your skin and overall promotes health overall.

Ayur Full Body Wrap

The Anarva Ayur body wrap enhances wellness and relaxation while eliminating aches and the feeling of inbuilt stress. The rich natural herbs nurse you back to health while your skin receives the royal treatment it deserves.

Full Day Ayur Spa Ritual

Ayur Rejuvenate

The Ayur rejuvenate experience takes care of your entire body while also working to heal you spiritually. Experience a steam bath, massages, body wrap, delicious Ayur lunch and a pebble walk to finish up your day of exquisite pampering.

Half-Day Ayur Spa Ritual

Ayur Detox and Tone

Enjoy the detoxifying effects of a deep tissue massage, facial and steam bath that will help the toning of your skin and wash out any impurities embedded deep within. With this one-of-a-kind remedy, the difference is visible and immediate.

Other Treatments

Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga )

The head massage focuses on oil applications and massages to the head which will increase blood circulation thereby reducing hair fall, premature greying, fatigue, stress and other vata dosha related conditions, leaving you refreshed.

Facial Massage (Muka Abhyanga - Massage, Scrub, Face Pack, Scalp Stimulation, Facial Steam / Toner)

The facial massage is followed by a scrub, face pack and herbal steam which is a complete beauty treatment which also relieves tension in the entire body through pressure point therapy and restores the balance of energy while lifting and nourishing your skin.

Neck & Shoulder Massage (Griva / Skandha Abhyanga)

This oil massage entails a thorough manipulation of the neck and shoulders relieving muscle spasms, tension and stiffness which are a common hindrance owing to bad posture, overworking of muscles and stress.

Arm Massage (Bahu Abhyanga)

If you experience regular headaches, neck and shoulder pain or tired hands, it could all be due to tension in the arm muscles which this massage will help relax. The soothing treatment takes away muscle tension and alleviates the problem.

Hand Massage (Hastha Abhyanga)

This relaxing massage works on all the acupuncture points and energy meridians that course through our arms to the fingertips. The therapy looks to stimulate various points which contribute to the functioning of various internal organs and helps detoxification.

Leg Massage (Nalakini Abhyanga)

The leg massage works its way through the stiffness in muscles to improve circulation in those who suffer from varicose veins. For others, this is the perfect way to treat tired muscles and eliminate cramps, tightness or any swelling.

Foot Massage (Pada Abhyanga - from the foot up to knee)

Adhering special attention to any tender spots, this massage helps to refresh the sensory organs, internal organs and any aches and pains that may come from muscular tension. It also alleviates cracking of heels, dryness and numbness in the foot.

Powder Massage (Udvartana)

The massage uses upward strokes to cleanse the skin and increase circulation while stimulating hair follicles to break down any subcutaneous fat storages and unclogging pores. The result is an overall promotion of health with the alleviation of cellulite.

Body Massage (Abhyanga - neck to toe)

Featuring authentic oils and deep tissue massages this neck to toe massage promotes blood circulation and soothes tired or knotted muscles while stimulating the healing of the mind. The strength of the massage could vary depending upon the requirement.

Back Massage (Paschima Abhyanga)

The back massage has profoundly relaxing and healing effects that come from the combination of pain reducing oils and skilful massage strokes along the spine and muscles that benefit the entire body and systems through its impact on the nervous system.


This intricate massage must be medically supervised at all times and promotes the rejuvenation of the entire body. The massage involves oil dripping onto the body from a cloth while gentle massage strokes are applied for maximum effect.

Herbal Steam Bath (Vashpa Swedha)

Handed down through the ages this ancient poorva karma remedy cleanses the skin by means of a steam bath that encloses the entire body apart from the head. The bath can be taken while the oil from the massage is still on to bring about a more profound effect.


The unique technique employs boluses of boiled rice soaked in a milk and herb concoction and applied all over the body after a massage. Arthritis, skin afflictions, cholesterol and tissue and muscle aches are some of the conditions eliminated by this.

Body Wrap (Sharira Ubtan)

The body wrap is a paste of herbs which is applied generously all over the body. The treatment is perfect for resolving any skin conditions caused by excess body heat, dry, sunburnt or damaged skin while nourishing the skin well.

Nasal Inhalation (Nasna)

For those suffering from sinusitis and phlegm, the nasal inhalation system works wonders with the medicated vapour clearing any blocked sinuses and clearing the entire upper respiratory system allowing you to feel light and fresh.

Nasal Therapy (Nasya)

This nasal administration of medical drops ensures that sinuses are cleared and promotes the healthy function of the upper respiratory system. It relieves excess pressure and removes the sunken or pinched look around one’s eyes.


Pichu is the treatment of cranial nerves and involves a cloth tied above the ear level which is constantly drenched in oil while medicated oils are placed on the crown of the guest followed by an herbal bath that works miracles on your system.


Urovasti is a specific treatment which removes any pain from the chest and sternum area. A black gram receptacle is made on the chest and oil is poured into it. It is then allowed to rest there for a specific amount of time.


Kativasti treats any lower backache issues by means of a gram dough made into a receptacle on the lumbosacral area. Lukewarm medicinal oil is poured and allowed to rest for 20 minutes followed by a gentle massage and rest.

Herbal Snana (Bath)

After a gentle oil massage, you will be required to step into an herbal bath made of roots, bark and leaves of medicinal trees boiled together with water in order to suit your body. The process detoxifies, cleanses and treats skin conditions.


The stimulation of the “third eye” region on the forehead by means of fine, warm coils is referred to as Shrirodhara. The treatment runs for 45 minutes a day for 3 days and induces clarity, freshness, alleviation of pain and a host of other valuable benefits.

Alepa (Medicinal herb plaster)

Alepa is an effective remedy for inflammatory conditions in the body. A custom made herbal paste that fits each type of ailment will be applied on the afflicted area and let to rest. The paste can sometimes be applied all over the body.


Fomentation relieves joint stiffness, sciatica, aches, sprains, cramps and rejuvenates thoroughly. Heat compresses or boluses filled with freshly dried herbs are administered in a rubbing motion to the area after a massage for best results.