The holistic discipline of Ayurveda which originated over 5,000 years ago in India, focuses on the prevention as well as the curing of any form of ailment or disease, through the unique synergy of mind and body. It is a tradition that for long, formed part of most medicinal practices throughout the eastern civilization. The concept of Ayurveda which is a Sanskrit phrase meaning “Science of Life” was first understood, perfected and passed down through generations in view of addressing the needs of one’s inner being. It is this Ayurveda heritage that has influenced the practice and application of traditional medicine in ways where the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of life are cared for.

Sri Lanka has its own Ayurveda traditions that go back over 3,000 years and which have been faithfully passed down through the ages. Dating back to the age when kings ruled the lands, these holistic healing practices have been perfected over the centuries, with different techniques and therapies that utilise natural balms and oils in order to cure individual ailments.

The core concept of Ayurveda is based upon the interconnections between the mind, body, soul and what is known as the “Panchamahabhuta”; five elements that make up the universe namely earth, fire, water, air and space. The combination of all these elements and energies result in bio-energetic forces that are called “Doshas” which are threefold; “Pitta”, “Vata” or “Kapha”. One of the key concepts of Ayurveda is to try redress the balance of one’s dosha to bring about complete holistic wellbeing.