The story of Siddhalepa goes back to Walpola, Imaduwa, a remote village in the Galle District of Sri Lanka. It was here amidst the prevailing tradition of passing down the practices of Ayurveda from generation to generation that Dr. Victor Hettigoda first received insight into this ancient form of healing from his father, Hendrick de Silva Hettigoda. Initially, a student helper assisting his father, Dr. Hettigoda dedicated himself to gaining a deeper knowledge and understating of the family profession, poring over ancient ola leaf manuscripts and books on the subject. As a reward for almost 12 years of tireless devotion to Sinhala Ayurvedic medicine, his father revealed to him the secret formula of the “Siddhalepa”, the wonder balm which was to become the hallmark of this brand.

Utilising the concept of this new product providing a “Vedamahathmaya (physician) who should be in every home”, Dr. Hettigoda set about a venture that began in the early 1970’s. Beginning small he travelled all around the island to remote villages in order to promote the Siddhalepa Balm; this soon laid the foundation for what was to become the Hettigoda Group of Companies that has become the success it is today, with a global distribution network. Named the “Balm King” by Asiaweek in 1989, Dr. Hettigoda has also been awarded several prestigious accolades over the years including the coveted “Deshabandu” award, bestowed by the President of Sri Lanka, in recognition for his untiring contribution to the field of Ayurveda.