Ayurveda Beauty Care and Anti-aging

The procedure for the Lavanya Ayurveda Beauty Care and Anti-aging therapy package:

As a holistic health science, Ayurveda relates to every aspect of the mind, body, and the soul, and it considers beauty as an intimate part of the human personality. Ayurveda beauty care deals with the overall wellbeing of the body, including skincare, hair growth, eyesight, hands and nail care. The best part of this holistic programme is removing all the toxic wastes from the body and uplifting the purification process which lays emphasis on internal beauty. This aims to achieve a sense of mental peace and tranquillity which is incorrectly promoted by cosmetics. In other words, it emphasizes on internal beauty rather than externally made up beauty.

It is believed that one can enhance internal beauty by understanding and obeying the natural laws of beauty. Ayurveda is the technique of maintaining beauty by ensuring healthy living and addressing specific beauty issues with natural remedies. The different sections of Ayurveda beauty care are skincare, hair care, eye care, mouth care, nail care, foot care and keeping a trimmed and healthy body.

Just like the case of health care, Ayurveda beauty care also depends on freeing the body from bodily wastes or toxins, providing optimum nutrition to the body and maintaining the balance of the tridoshas. Our herbal medicines act as nutri cosmetics which nourish the tissues and microchannels of the body. Special medicinal oils are chosen by a doctor as per your body type and then utilized in a massage that improves circulation, revitalizes the body and eliminates impurities. They also lessen hair loss, condition the scalp, improve eyesight and help with your sleep disorder. One of the most important reasons for the increasing demand in Ayurveda beauty and skin care is that this system can clearly bring out a clear, glowing skin together with happiness and relaxation which otherwise cannot be achieved by cosmetics.