With a team of highly qualified practitioners providing expert advice, our resort is the ideal base from where one might experience the very best in Ayurvedic treatment in Sri Lanka. The treatments on offer at the Health Centre are carefully designed and thereafter administered under the watchful eyes of our in-house doctors, taking into account the lifestyle and health condition of each individual. While the Panchakarma Treatment is the more popular choice, a vast array of procedures and techniques relating to herbal medication for weight control, yoga sessions as well as a system of detoxifying and relieving the body of all impurities can be enjoyed.

Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga)

Experience a most soothing head massage with Shiro Abhyanga. Not only does this treatment nourish & lubricate your hair roots, but it also increases the release of hormones & enzymes necessary for the growth of the brain as well as giving you complete relaxation.

Facial Massage (Muka Abhyanga - Massage, Scrub, Face Pack, Scalp Stimulation, Facial Steam / Toner)

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Muka Abhyanga is a facial massage that improves skin and deeply relaxes & nourishes the whole body. This beauty treatment includes a face massage, scrub, face pack & a rejuvenating herbal steam.

Neck & Shoulder Massage (Griva / Skandha Abhyanga)

Let expert hands soothe your tensed muscles through Griva / Skandha Abhyanga. This neck & shoulder massage releases rheumatic pain, muscular spasms, and stress related conditions through comprehensive massage techniques after applying a special herbal oil.

Arm Massage (Bahu Abhyanga)

Bahu Abhyanga is an arm massage that aims to relieve neck pain, headaches, aching shoulders & tired hands that are caused by tension in your arms. Not only can many of these problems be alleviated but you will also experience absolute relaxation.

Hand Massage (Hastha Abhyanga)

There are areas in our hands that are associated with various organs & systems within the body. The Hastha Abhyanga concentrates on stimulating these acupuncture points & energy meridians in order to help the body easily manage extra toxins.

Leg Massage (Nalakini Abhyanga)

The Nalakini Abhyanga leg massage helps relieve & prevent many problems such as varicose veins, tightness or cramp in muscles after exercise, puffiness or swelling and fatigue. This is done by stimulating circulation through gentle, but deep massage.

Foot Massage (Pada Abhyanga - from the foot up to knee)

Relieve acute pain & improve posture & overall health of the organs with Pada Abhyanga, a foot massage that concentrates on the ‘tender spots’ from the foot up to the knee. This massage also helps battle dryness, numbness & fatigue in legs as well as cracked heels.

Powder Massage (Udvartana)

Meaning to elevate or to promote, Udvartana improves the condition of the body through upward massage strokes. By cleansing skin & increasing blood circulation, Udvartana breaks down subcutaneous fat storage & stimulates hair follicles as well as promoting weight loss.

Body Massage (Abhyanga - neck to toe)

Enjoy complete relaxation from neck to toe with Abhyanga. This body massage incorporates different types of Ayurveda oils & a steam or herbal bath to promote the wellbeing of both mind & body. Results include general rejuvenation & relieving of body aches & pains.

Back Massage (Paschima Abhyanga)

Using special “pain reducing herbal oils”, Paschima Abhyanga aims to tackle backaches & tensed, knotted muscles on the back & along the spine. The results of this back massage include alleviating aches & pains, reducing stress levels & benefitting the nervous system


Gentle but highly effective, Piccichil is a special massage that is conducted under medical supervision. Prescribed for general health, rejuvenation & rheumatic conditions, Piccichil is carried out by pouring oil onto the body followed by soft yet potent strokes.

Herbal Steam Bath (Vashpa Swedha)

Be rejuvenated with the goodness of a variety of herbs used in Vashpa Swedha. This is a special procedure of sudation that cleanses the skin & leaves it fresh & supple. Offered with an Abhyanga or an Udvarthana treatment, it is used in combating acne & congested skin.


Reduce cholesterol, relieve arthritis & ease your aches & pains with Navarakizhi. This intense treatment involves fomentation of the body using a bolus of cooked rice dipped in warm milk then applied all over the body using gentle yet effective massage techniques.

Body Wrap (Sharira Ubtan)

Be cocooned in a cooling herb paste that will relieve sunburnt & dry, damaged skin. The Sharira Ubtan body wrap has the power to cool any skin condition caused by hot weather & leaves you with revitalized bodily tissues.

Nasal Inhalation (Nasna)

Get rid of sinuses with Nasna. This is a nasal inhalation treatment that is used in clearing away excess bodily humors or fluids accumulated in the throat, sinus, nose or head.

Nasal Therapy (Nasya)

Nasya is a nasal therapy that will give you a number of benefits ranging from cleansing sinus cavities, promoting sleep or relaxation & reduces dark circles around the eyes. The therapy involves administering medicated powders or liquid drops into the nasal cavity.


A slight variation of Shirovasti, the Pichu is a treatment that combats ailments affecting the region above your neck & of the cranial nerves. In a Pichu treatment you will undergo an application of special oil as well as an herbal bath.


If you’re experiencing chest pains, Urovasti is the treatment for you. In this, a small receptacle of black gram paste is placed on the chest to which oil will be poured over & kept for some time in order to treat pain in the sternum.


Kati means the central body & Vasti means a container, thus Kativasti is a treatment that is concentrated on relieving pain & stiffness in the lower back. This is done by placing a receptacle of gram dough on the lower back to which a special oil is slowly poured into.

Herbal Snana (Bath)

In many parts of Asia, cleansing the body is considered a sacred ritual. This is where Herbal Snana comes in, as it includes a special bath of Ayurveda herbs which cleanses the skin, eliminates toxins & combats a number of skin conditions among other benefits.


In Shirodhara, a fine stream of warm Ayurveda oils will be run on the ‘third eye’ area of your forehead resulting in deep relaxation & the revitalizing of the central nervous system. The treatment is carried out 45 minutes a day for a period of three days.

Alepa (Medicinal herb plaster)

This treatment involves a Lepana, an external application of medical paste that is used to combat inflammatory conditions. The paste used in this plastering procedure can vary according to the nature of ailment of the individual.


Experience nature’s goodness with Fomentation. This is a traditional form of Ayurveda treatment that uses a bolus filled with fresh herbs applied by gently massaging the body. It is effective in relieving sciatica, muscle tension, achieving general rejuvenation & more.