The fence near Katharagama Devalaya was repainted to make the premises clean and beautiful during the Perahera season. The placement of Perahera route sign boards was helpful for the devotees to watch the Perahera without any interference.

All the flower stalls along the Kirivehera road were renovated and given a fresh coat of paint, 32 lamps posts were repainted and new bulbs installed, 200 waste bins were placed in Katharagama Kirivehera devale premises, Sella Katharagama and Wadihitikanda.

The name boards along the Kirivehera road were renovated. Siddhalepa also took the initiative to serve Lakpeyawa drinks to the pilgrims day and night. Five changing rooms set up by Siddhalepa for the use of women devotees taking a bath in the Menik Ganga were renovated.

Posters depicting waste management, moral teachings and warnings about dangers from crocodiles were erected for public awareness. Also, the 20 cement benches constructed by Siddhalepa on either side of the road for the convenience of pilgrims were repaired and repainted.

Siddhalepa has been conducting countless similar activities in religious places across the country.