At the sixth annual Kekulu Art Competition for pre school children, held on 13 February, 2018, the Hettigoda Group introduced the Kekulu Privilege Card creating wonderful opportunities for children to begin their education.

It is the first time an FMCG in Sri Lanka has launched a  loyalty card for children, offering a host of benefits like free school books and bags, school equipment, bicycles, and laptops.

To receive a Kekulu Privilege Card and be eligible to receive these school books and equipment, schoolchildren are required to send in: 2 Kekulu soap wrappers, one Kekulu cologne carton, 1 Kekulu toothbrush cartons, and 1 Kekulu toothpaste carton.

Siddhalepa also presented  the Kekulu Privilege Card to the 100 students whose entries were selected as the best from over 60,000 entries from all districts of the country at this year’s Kekulu Art Competition.

Siddhalepa’s meaningful value addition to their annual island wide art competition to promote the natural talents and skills of our younger generation, is expected to keep the momentum of the Kekulu Range of childcare products through out the year and give an impetus to children to aim for a free school equipment package.