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International Innovation Awards 2021

The Hettigoda Group’s flagship brand, Siddhalepa – the multipurpose Ayurveda balm – has received a global accolade for its latest innovation, Siddhalepa Spray, at the International Innovation Awards 2021 in Malaysia.

Spearheading the innovation revolution, the International Innovation Awards, which aims to create an innovation ecosystem for enterprises, is held annually to recognise outstanding innovations across the globe. Siddhalepa was one of the recipients among hundreds of applicants representing various industries and countries such as Brazil, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

“Siddhalepa Spray was a major development in its brand journey. The innovation representing quick and convenient pain relief was the next level in keeping the brand validated across all consumer ages and socioeconomic groups even after eight decades,” Hettigoda Group Managing Director Asoka Hettigoda said.

“We have a long tradition of new product design and development culture that influences the introduction of many traditional time-tested Ayurveda medicines in modern and convenient formats.”

“Introducing an Ayurveda pain relief spray was challenging as it required extensive research and experiments to transform Ayurveda oils into a spray that gives instant and effective benefits,” Hettigoda Industries Director and Head of Research Lankani Hettigoda added.

“This traditional time-tested knowledge is under constant research by our scientists using modern science and techniques at our well-equipped modern laboratory. Our innovations are the results of a combination of family-based Ayurveda know-how, traditional Ayurveda wisdom, modern technology, innovative ideas, and R&D. All innovations and R&D practices are also being guided by a panel of experienced Ayurvedic physicians, scientists and consultants.

“Delivering the brand promise is our key objective. We continuously innovate to offer the best products to cater to the changing needs. Millions of satisfied consumers over the last eight decades are the best endorsement of the brand loyalty Siddhalepa has earned for generations. Since its introduction to the market eight decades ago, our valuable consumers have embraced the brand ardently as a life partner.”

Popularly known in Sri Lanka as the ‘Vedamahattya (doctor) in every home,’ Siddhalepa Ayurveda balm has cut across all divides to remain top choice in Ayurveda balms for its consistent effective relief from colds, sneezing flu, headaches, swelling due to toothaches, rheumatic discomforts and muscular aches and pains. The power of herbal ingredients in Siddhalepa also eases nasal congestion, respiratory difficulties, and common colds by assisting the maintenance of body temperature. Steadily building its brand equity over eight decades, Siddhalepa has been tagged as the ‘Magic Balm’ and also ranked among the ‘Most Loved 100 brands from 2009 to 2021’.

As the product navigates through its lifecycle, confronting changes in consumer lifestyle and needs, the company introduced Siddhalepa oil and Siddhalepa inhaler in its growth stage. Today Siddhalepa is growing its market share predominantly on the innovation of Siddhalepa Spray.

Siddhalepa has been the market leader in Ayurveda pain/cold relief solutions with their consumer-centric innovative product for the past 87 years.