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Siddhalepa Unveils new spa in Horton place

Have you taken a health check recently?

Do you take a break from your hectic daily routine to simply listen to your body’s danger signals or take heed of your mind’s early warnings?

How do you feel?

Listless, restless, lifeless, soulless?

Weary, worn out, over stressed, exhausted?

Do you yearn for a complete day to yourself, in a peaceful haven to indulge in a complete rejuvenation of your tired muscles by a pair of firm trained hands?

Or savour the pleasure of medicinal warm oil running through your hair into your scalp and succumb to pressure of experienced fingertips on your scalp.

Siddhalepa’s new Clinic at Horton Place, Colombo 7, is a gateway to initiate you into a whole new Ayurveda journey in achieving an ideal balanced, healthy new lifestyle.

The truly holistic experience for the mind, body and soul offers the perfect package of therapy for everyone, from all walks of life.

The Clinic’s clay brickwork façade leads to more earthy tones of brick and cobblestones and open spaces, lush with greenery and the sound of fresh water trickling into miniature ponds; an ambiance totally in harmony with nature, spinning a web of tranquility and serenity as you step inside.

A large Lotus pond in full bloom is a magnificent greeting as you walk into the warm welcome of the Guest Relations Officer. She will gently shepherd you into the safe hands of an Ayurveda Doctor on duty to  assist you with your choice of treatment. Routine tests, for a regular health check, depending on individual body type and other diagnoses and you are inducted into an exhilarating experience which is guaranteed to transform you into a “new you.”

The Clinic tailor-makes a package based on your health  requirements, general health condition and the Ayurveda physician’s advice. The examination and advise of the physician are complimentary and an important initial step to selecting the ideal package for each individual customer. The physicians on duty at the Clinic are affiliated to Siddhalepa Ayurveda Hospital in Mt. Lavinia.

For corporate executives, a quick half hour head/neck massage on your way back home after a long stressful day will revive and restore your strained nerves and rebuild your system for more long hours at work.

Longer therapy of one to two hours is recommended for neck and shoulders or total body therapy in the privacy of a comfortable room, in soft hues of blue and grey, with soothing background music to calm your senses, as skilled hands rebuild your lost energy with Ayurveda oils.

A full day’s therapy is designed to take customers on a journey of discovery under the expertise of skilled therapists. In between session customers are treated to a cup of warm herbal tea in the Clinic’s relaxation area,
designed for complete comfort and unwinding. The large ergometric arm chairs to stretch out as you gaze up to a large dome, with the soothing sound of water falling and flowing into a pond, creates the ambiance of calmness and stillness of the environment unconsciously driving you into a meditative state of mind.

“Our new Siddhalepa Clinic symbolizes, healthy, relaxing Ayurveda therapies for balanced living in a tranquil and environment. We are constantly improving our products, techniques and services to achieve the ultimate balanced healthy life for our clientele,” Director Siddhalepa, Ms. Vidyani Hettigoda said. “A balanced healthy living makes you more wholesome with an ideal balance of your body and mind. These therapies assist you in your digestions and metabolism,” she added. “The results of healthy living will even be visible on the outside as even the condition of your skin, hair would visibly improve and become healthier,” she said.

The Clinic’s range of treatments include the Full Day and Half Day Ayur Spa Rituals, Ayur Detox and Tone and their signature treatments like the Shirodara.

The wide range of treatments developed from ancient Hela Weda Ayurveda healing remedies and beauty and rejuvenation secrets of Asia are all designed carefully to ensure optimum results. The extensive list of massages that highlight each crucial part of the body as well as various herbal baths, body wraps and inhalation remedies are all created to nourish and heal.

All herbal oils and personal care items used in the Clinic for treatment and on sale in their boutique are manufactured in the Siddhalepa factory using natural and herbal raw material to International ISO specifications.

The Clinic has introduced 30-45 minute packages for on holistic living, tailor made particularly for the corporate sector. Lectures on healthy lifestyle are conducted by an Ayurveda physician where corporate executives trying to strike a balance with their busy office schedules and family life are initiated into the art of healthy living. The programs are custom made and participants have the opportunity of speaking to the physician individually for advice and are encouraged to continue the healthy balance lifestyle in their homes.

Special wedding packages for brides, families, housewives and senior citizens are also custom made for individual occasions or persons. The Clinic also offers a range of Wedding gift vouchers.

Siddhalepa Clinic’s restaurant on the ground level is another delightful nest of discovery. The breakfast and lunch menus include fresh juices and healthy Ayurveda food. Anyone can walk into the restaurant to enjoy the  range of healthy food and juices, as it is not restricted to the Clinic’s customers only. The menus health food dishes and juices are carefully selected to address the human body’s Vatha, Pitha, Kappa doshas (issues).

Siddhalepa’s expansive spa menu for personal care, herbal teas, elixir, wines and gift items are available in the boutique in a quiet niche on the ground floor.

The Clinic’s yoga therapy which bonds with healthy living is on different concept. A yoga master conducts individual classes for clients in a semi-circular area on the upper floor, with just a glimpse of the outside world through an unique design created by famous Architect Palinda Kannangara who created the design and concept for Siddhalepa Clinic.

Hettigoda Industries Private limited, pioneer and leading Ayurveda products manufacturer, with a rich heritage of over 200 years, passing on to the 6th generation, plays a key role in shaping the future of Ayurveda industry in Sri Lanka and the Asian region.

Chairman, Deshabandu Dr. Victor Hettigoda, D.Litt, the self-made entrepreneur embarked on a long journey more than half a century ago, his only assets a secret recipe for an all-purpose medicinal balm from India, handed down generations to his forefathers and a vision make the balm an essential item in every home. Decades later Siddhalepa’s flagship brand, Siddhalepa balm known as the magic balm and also available as a spray, lead the way for the company to diversify into being the country’s leading brand of Ayurveda medical, healthcare, personal care and dentalcare products.

The group is also in the forefront of health tourism and Ayurveda spas and has expanded its product diversification to over 40 markets in Europe, China, Japan and Middle East.

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