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Siddhalepa introduces zero sugar herbal drink – AquaLive at Iron Man Contest

Siddhalepa the leading ayurveda company in Sri  Lanka,  one of the main sponsors of the Inernational  Ironman  Colombo,  will promote their Aqualive range of beverages which are zero sugar, zero preservative and zero colour.

Over 850 athletes from 63 countries are in Colombo for the Iron Man Contest organized by Pro Am Serendib, to be held from February 23 to 25 at the Galle Face Green.

Siddhalepa stalls in several venues where the contest takes place, including Galle Face, Good Market and the  Expo at Shangri-La  will serve this refreshing herbal drink in five different flavours –  peach, orange, plum, cinnamon, and melon.

Capturing the healthy goodness of our country’s natural herbs, AquaLive has made its entry into the health drink market as the herbal answer to quenching your thirst in a variety of flavours.

As the leading ayruveda pharmaceutical and health  products manufacturer in the country, the Hettigoda Group is committed towards building a healthy nation through their holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle.

The zero sugar, zero chemical, zero artificial flavour and colour herbal drink is the healthy alternative to the carbonated or artificial fruit flavoured drinks flooding the market. AquaLive contains health properties that relieve a series of health conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The fruit and herb infusion AquaLive  combines the health benefits of a key herb and comes in five fruity flavours to excite your taste buds. For example the peach flavoured drink containing the Rasakinda herb rejuvenates and strengthens the immune system and is a great stress reliever.  AquaLive Polpala is a herb used from ancient times and comes in melon flavour, making it a perfect choice to quench your thirst and cool your system. It is also an effective diuretic.

The mango flavoured Ranawara is a valuable herb used in ayurveda to control and maintain blood sugar and also for healthy youthful skin. The plum flavoured Belimal juice promotes proper digestion and is an ideal drink for digestive disorders.

The orange flavoured Iramusu herbal drink is recommended for a healthier respiratory tract, is an effective blood purifier and a detoxificant and a diuretic.

It is well known that the high intake of sugar in  food and beverage is one of the main causes for the unprecedented surge in 2 diabetes , hypertension, cardiac arrest and other non communicable diseases ( NCDs) around the world.

The Hettigoda Group conducts an annual diabetic camp at their Ayurveda Hospital in Mount Lavinia, as their commitment as an Ayurveda company and a consumer goods manufacturer to spread awareness about the key causes of diabetes and its treatment. A team of ayurveda physicians speak about the disease and preventive measures. Free blood sugar tests and medical advice is also offered at the camp.