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Women in work environment gets new life with Siddhalepa’s “Diriya Kanthavo 2022”

International Women’s Day 2022 transformed into a real-life experience for the women
workforce at Siddhalepa, Hettigoda Group this year, as they self-nominated themselves for
the Diriya Kanthavo award. The new concept introduced this year by the company was a
significant opportunity for the women cadre to evaluate their individual and collective
contribution to the society and company’s performance.
The opportunity of empowerment through a process of self-evaluation received an enormous
response with an unexpected number of applications. The special judge board held several
screening rounds to recognize the applicants’ individual strengths, capacities and
understanding the challenges for women in work environment in achieving a work life
Siddhalepa’s women cadre is approximately 30% of the total employees and company has
various welfare incentives and employee engagement events to appreciate and encourage their
invaluable service. In a boardroom with a high women representation, Siddhalepa has created
a woman empowered working culture, where their female employees have led by example the
path to strike a successful work life balance.
Strongly subscribing to the position that employees are a company’s biggest asset, which is
not reflected in a balance sheet, Siddhalepa recognizes their employees as one of the principal
modes of equity creation in the past eight decades.
Ms. Amali Sandareka and Ms. Shanika Shrimali were recognized as Siddhalepa Diriya
Kanthavo for their exceptional courage and inspiring lives. Ms. Shanika Shrimali is serving
the company as a differently abled extraordinary employee.
Group Director, Mrs. Vidyani Hettigoda, who is actively engaged in women empowerment in
Sri Lanka, holding office past and present on many national organizations dedicated for the
cause said that she was extremely surprised and pleased at the overwhelming response to the
inaugural Diriya Kanthavo program. She said that the company would continue to build and
strengthen the empowerment of women through such programs.